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Research projects

  •  Ongoing projects

    Project H2020 (Grant 101000236) "GEroNIMO: Genome and Epigenome eNabled breedIng in MOnogastrics". Coordination: Frederique Pittel (INRAE, France). Participants: Andreia J. Amaral and Luís T. Gama.

    Project CIISA "Revealing the genetic influences that shaped the development of indigenous pigs from sub-saharan Africa".  P.I. Luís T. Gama. Participants: Andreia J. Amaral, Alexandre Leitão (LTAHP), Dulce Santos (LTAHP).

    Project CIISA "The peccaries: a missing piece of the puzzle for suid evolution". P.I. Andreia J. Amaral. Participants: Luís T. Gama, Alexandre Leitão (LTAHP), Dulce Santos (LTAHP). 

    Project CIISA "Signatures of pig domestication and gene flow in Iberia, Africa and South America: mining genomes for footprints of adaptation to harsh environments and disease resilience". P.I. Andreia J. Amaral. Participants: Luís T. Gama, Alexandre Leitão (LTAHP), Dulce Santos (LTAHP). 

    Project H2020 (Grant 815668) " BovReg - Identification of functionally active genomic features relevant to phenotypic diversity and plasticity in cattle". Coordination: Christa Kühn (FBN, Germany). Participant: Andreia J. Amaral and Luís T. Gama.

    Project 02/SAICT/2017 “MERINOparasite - Identification of genetic markers underlying genetic resistance to internal parasites in the Merina Branca sheep breed using the OvineSNP50 Beadchip array". Coordination: Helga Waap (INIAV). Participant: Luis T. Gama.


    Finished projects

    PTDC/CVT/116729/2010 - Genetics of meat quality in Iberian pigs. PI: Maria Cristina Bressan (INIAV). Participants: Luís T. Gama. Partners: INIAV, CIISA/FMV-ULisboa. Funding FCT: 161,682.00 €.

    COST Action CA15112: “Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes - European network (FAANG-Europe)”. Coordination: Alan Archibald (Roslin Institute, UK). Participants: Luís T. Gama and A.J. Amaral (STSM coordinator) .

    PRODER PA 46131 – Production of aged meat from beef cattle raised extensively. Coordination: Elipec - Agrupamento de Produtores do Alentejo. Partners: INIAV, CIISA/FMV-ULisboa.

    Project H2020-SFS-2015-2 “IMAGE – Innovative Management of Animal Genetic Resources”. Coordination: Michèle Tixier-Boichard (INRA – France). Coordination of Work Package 7 (Outreach): Luís T. Gama.

    PRODER Programme, Action 4.2.2. - Rede AniDop (Animais Domésticos de Portugal): Thematic and Information Network concerning the Preservation and Promotion of Animal Genetic Resources. PI: Nuno Carolino (INIAV, I.P.), Partners: INIAV, I.P.; CIISA/FMV-ULisboa; Universidade de Évora, Escola Universitária Vasco da Gama (2012-2015) - PRODER, 221.430 €.