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Parasitology and Parasitological Diseases

Research projects


     Ongoing Projects

    Project PTDC/CVT-CVT/0228/2020 - Immune precision medicine as a new opportunity to control canine trypanosomatid diseases – DogIPM. PI Gabriela Santos-Gomes, IHMT; Co-PI FMV- I. M. Pereira da Fonseca, FMV). 2019-2022. 2021-2024.

    Project PTDC/CVT-CVT/28908/2017 - Achieving new frontiers through trypanosomatid exosomes (TEx). PI Gabriela Santos-Gomes,  IHMT; Co-PI FMV- I. M. Pereira da Fonseca, FMV). 2019-2022.  

    Project PTDC/SAU-PUB/29254/2017 “Travellers in Transit: seaports as gateways for the arrival and spread of rodent‐borne pathogens”. (TROJAN RATS). FCT, 2019-2022. [Participant and Responsible at FMV/ULisboa Luis Madeira de Carvalho]. PI: Sofia Gabriel - FCUL.

    “Evaluation of innovative aspects of alternative biological control vs administration of antiparasitic compounds using avian and mammal models”. Project type INOV. January – December 2021 [PI – Luís Carvalho; Collaborators – PhD Student João Lozano, MSc Students Ana Cláudia Victório, Cristina Almeida, FMV Staff, Manuela Oliveira, Lídia Gomes, External elements – Adolfo Paz-Silva, Pedro Melo, Ricardo Agrícola].

    Project FMVULisboa/INIAV “Crypto-PT, Uncovering Cryptosporidium spp. in dairy calves from Portugal” (PI Jacinto Gomes). 2020-21.


    Finished Projects

     Project PTDC/CVT-REP/4202/2014, FCT “How to Solve infertility: Is fighting Neutrophil Extracellular Traps, Cytokines or Prostaglandins a Solution?”  2016 – 2019 (PI Graça Ferreira Dias).

    Project INOV-CIISA “Differential Gene Expression in Alentejana cattle under Theileria annulata in vitro infection of monocyte derived macrophages” (PI Jacinto Gomes). 2018-2019.

    “Co-infection by Canine Vector-Borne Diseases and gastrointestinal parasites in owned and stray dogs from Lisbon area”. CIISA Project, type MSc. September 2018 – March 2019.  [PI –  Luís Carvalho; Collaborators – MSc Student Diogo Figueiredo, Prof Solange Gil Neves].

    “Development of an arthropod vector repellent using microencapsulated plant essential oils”. CIISA Project, type MSc.  Jun 2019- Dec 2019.  [Supervisor –  Isabel Pereira da Fonseca; Collaborators – MSc Student Ana Rita Branco, Ludovina Padre – Univ Evora].

    “Diagnosis of anthelmintic efficacy in sheep and goats dewormed with an association of closantel and mebendazole”. CIISA Project, type MSc. September 2018 – March 2019.  [PI –  Luís Carvalho; Collaborators – MSc Student Maria Inês Antunes,  Miguel Saraiva Lima,  George Stilwell].

    “Study of the antiparasitic effect of the Leucaena leucocephala leguminous in goats from São Tomé and Príncipe islands”. CIISA Project, type MSc.  Sep 2018- March 2019.  [Supervisor – Isabel Pereira da Fonseca; Collaborators – MSc Student Mafalda Iria].

    “The prevalence of gastrointestinal and cardiorespiratory parasites in owned cats from Lisboa e Vale do Tejo”. CIISA Project, type MSc. October 2019 – May 2020.  [PI –  Luís Carvalho; Collaborators – MSc student Maria Inês Freitas].

     “Leishmania infetion/leishmaniosis in cats from Almada municipality”. CIISA Project, type MSc.  Set 2019- Mar 2020.  [Supervisor – Isabel Pereira da Fonseca; Collaborators – MSc Student Catarina Sequeira].

    “Prevalence and risk factors of Toxoplasma gondii in black and white Merino sheep in Alentejo region”. CIISA Project, type MSc.  Set 2020- Mar 2021.  [Supervisor – Isabel Pereira da Fonseca; Collaborators – MSc Student Francisca Almeida, Helga Waap - INIAV].

    Project STOP - Simple Test of Parasitic Eggs (FMVUL/Merial Portugal Saúde Animal, Sanofi Group) (PI Luis Carvalho). 2011-2017

    European network for neglected vectors and vector-borne infections (EURNEGVEC) - COST Action TD 1303 (PI Andrei Mihalca, Cluj Napoca, Romenia). 2013 – 2017.

    OC/EFSA/AHAW/2013/02- European network for sharing data on the geographic distribution of arthropod vectors, transmitting human and animal disease agents(VECTORNET).

    Efficacy of a novel topical combination product containing eprinomectin (Broadline®) against feline lungworms: a multi-centric study. (FMV/UL, University of Bari and Merial Animal Health) (PI Alessio Giannelli). 2015- 2016.

    PTDC/CVT/118566/2010 - Regulatory immune response in dogs with leishmaniosis at various clinical stages and undergoing different therapeutic protocols. PI - Isabel Pereira da Fonseca (FMV/ULisboa) Partners: IHMT/UNL and  IGC. FCT Funding 146,267 €. (2012-2015).

    PTDC/CVT-EPI/3460/2012 - Let´s make them fall: A genomic, proteomic and immuno-histologic approach on the involution of tick aggregation cement. PI - Luis Alfaro Cardoso (IICT/MNE and CIISA). Partners: BIOCANT, CIISA/FMV/UL, IHMT/UNL, Pro-INSA. FCT Funding 165,000 €. (2013 – 2014).

    PTDC/SAU-SAP/113523/2009 - Ecoepidemiology of Dirofilaria spp: molecular characterization, potential vectors and transmission dynamics. PI – Silvana Belo Partners_ IHMT/UNL-FMV/ULisboam, FCT Funding 138,836 €. (2011-2014)

    PTDC/CVT/113889/2009 - Modulation of acquired immunity by bacterial cell wall-derived formulations containing heterologous antigens expressed by a new OprI based system. PI: Dulce Santos (IICT/MNE), FCT Funding 166,411 €. (2011 – 2014).

    EXPL/CVT-EPI/1945/2013 - Mob1 protein: a critical factor in Toxoplasma gondii replication. PI: Sofia Nolasco (IICT). Partners: Fundação da Faculdade de Ciências-ULisboa,  IICT/MNE. FCT Funding 49,049 €. (2014 –2015).

    PTDC/CVT/113121/2009 - Consequências decorrentes da interacção entre os neutrófilos e Leishmania infantum no estabelecimento da leishmaniose canina. PI:  Gabriela Santos-Gomes (IHMT/UNL). Partners: IHMT/UNL, FMV/ULisboa. FCT Funding 136,428 €. (2010-2013).

    PTDC/CVT/105470/2008 - The katanin role in Mt cytoskeleton remodeling during host cell invasion by Toxoplasma gondii. PI: Sofia Nolasco (IICT). Principal Contractor: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência. Partners: Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical. 199,923 €. (2010 – 2013).

    PTDC/CVT/71630/2006 - Role of Besnoitia besnoiti cytosolic chaperonin in host cell invasion. PI: Alexandre Leitão (IICT).  Principal Contractor: Instituto de Investigação Científica e Tropical (IICT). Partners: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência; IST-UTL. 189,060 €. (2007 – 2012).

    PTDC/CVT/65674/2006 - Protein-disulfide isomerase as a target for besnoitiosis therapy. Molecular characterization and studies of its role in infection and host immune response. PI: Alexandre Leitão (IICT). Principal Contractor: IICT. Partners: Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical (IHMT/UNL); Univ. Évora. 167,373 €. (2007–2012).

    MEDREONET, 044285 SSPE,  Coordinated Action - Surveillance Network of Reoviruses, Bluetongue and African Horse sickness, in the Mediterranean Basin (Medreonet).  Principal Contractor: CIRAD (France). (2006–2009).

    CYTED ref. 207RT0308 - Rede internacional sobre Mecanismos de controle e imunoprofilaxia na leishmaniose . Partners: Brazil (A. Barral) Argentina (O.D. Salomón),   Spain (J.M.I. Garreta and M.S. Álvarez),  Perú (J. Arevalo), Portugal (G. Santos-Gomes and I. Pereira da Fonseca). Período: 2007 –2010.

    Projecto DGV/FMV - Programa de vigilância entomológica, no território nacional, com vista ao estudo da presença de insectos Culicoides vectores do vírus da Língua Azul. PI: Fernando Boinas. (2005-2012).

    Survey STOP – Project, Simple Test of Parasitic Eggs. PI: Prof. Luís Carvalho. Research developed between FMV-ULisboa and Merial Animal Health, Sanofi Group. (2011 – 2014)

    Seroprevalence of CVBDs in Portugal. PI: profs. Luís Carvalho and Luís Cardoso. Research developed between FMV-ULisboa, UTAD and Bayer Animal Health. (2010-2011).

    CNPq (Brasil) - Avaliar a modulação da resposta imune em bovinos com base em antígenos expressos em fusão com a lipoproteína OprI. PI: Renato Andreotti e Silva. Contractor: Embrapa, Gado de Corte, Campo Grande, MS Brasil. Partners: Univ. Federal Pelotas (Brasil), Univ. Federal Mato Grosso do Sul (Brasil), (IICT, Portugal). (2009 – 2011).