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Reproduction and Development

Research grants concluded in the last 5 years

EXPL/CVT-REP/2289/2013 - Notch-Wnt signaling cross-talk in the regulation of pre-implantation embryo development. PI: Elisabete Silva (FMV – Ulisboa), Partners: CIISA/FMV-ULisboa. FCT - 49,800 €.

EXPL/CVT-REP/1485/2012 - Somatic stem cells in the mare endometrium: a new approach for understanding fibrosis? - PI: Graça Ferreira-Dias (FMV-Ulisboa); Partners: CIISA/FMV-ULisboa; Polish Academy of Science, Olsztyn, Poland; IVI Foundation, Valencia, Spain. FCT funding – 49,766 €.

This project is a novel approach to understand the pathogenesis of endometrosis based on the role of somatic stem cell side population. These are extremely innovative projects that look at fibrosis under a new perspective.

PTDC/CVT-REP/2863/2012 - SUPEROOCYTES: Oocyte membrane properties and calcium homeostasis: opening new doors for improving cryopreservation. PI: JE Matos (FFCT/FCT/UNL), Partners: FFCT/FCT/UNL; INIAV, I.P. (2013-2015). FCT - 135,063 €.

This project aims to a better understanding of the effects of cryopreservation on oocyte physiology and thereby to improve current protocols. We will identify combinations of factors that lead to different cryopreservation outcomes such as the meiotic spindle appearance, mitochondrial status and integrity of oocyte organelles as well as their developmental competence after IVF through embryo development assessment. We will investigate the effect of such protocols on membrane properties namely permeability, fluidity, integrity and composition, and on Ca2+ homeostasis.

PTDC/SAU-ONC/121742/2010 - Investigation on the effect of Dll4FC anti-angiogenic tumour therapy on metastatic dissemination. PI: Alexandre Trindade (FMV – ULisboa), Partners: FMV, FCG, FCT Funding 149,505 €.

Currently approved anti-angiogenic drugs extend disease-free progression time but fail to increase overall survival in cancer patients. Induction of more malignant progression of the disease is a main concern. Our approach is based on targeting Dll4 that strongly limits primary tumor metastatic dissemination whereas competing approaches act otherwise. The aim of this project is to study the impact of Dll4-based therapy on all the phases of the metastatic process.

PTDC/CVT/121805/2010 - Neutrophil extracellular traps and cytokines in the endometrium: Friends or Foes? PI: Graça Ferreira-Dias (FMV-Ulisboa); Partners: CIISA/FMV-ULisboa; Polish Academy of Science, Olsztyn, Poland. FCT funding - 161,828 €.

This project aims at understanding the roles of fibrotic cytokines and neutrophil extracellular traps formed in the presence of bacteria and inflammation, on the pathogenesis of endometrial fibrosis/endometrosis in the mare.

PTDC/SAU-ONC/116164/2009 - Characterization of the Jagged1 ligand endothelial role in the regulation of tumoral neo-angiogenesis PI: Alexandre Trindade (FMV – ULisboa), Partners: FMV, FCG, FCT Funding 115,090 €

Vessel growth modulators are becoming important components of cancer and other angiogenesis-associated disease managements. The Notch ligands, Delta-like 4 (Dll4) and Jagged 1 (Jag1) were shown to be absolutely required for vascular morphogenesis. In contrast to the progress of Dll4 research, the postnatal Jag1 functions remain largely unstudied. Therefore, this project aims to ascertain the role of Jag1 in pathological (tumoral) mouse neo-angiogenesis.

PTDC/CVT/112054/2009 - NUTRIGENOV: Nutrigenetic modelling of dairy ewes from weaning to lambing. Impact upon ewes’ mammary gland development and dairy potential. PI: Rosário Marques (INIAV), Partners INIAV; CIISA/FMV/ULisboa, Funding FCT, 133,382 €. (2012-2015). 

Participation of Lab team members in the project. See the projects page of Animal Production Systems Lab

PRODER Programme, Action 4.2.2. - Rede AniDop (Animais Domésticos de Portugal): Thematic and Information Network concerning the Preservation and Promotion of Animal Genetic Resources. PI: Nuno Carolino (INIAV, I.P.), Partners: INIAV, I.P.; CIISA/FMV-ULisboa; Universidade de Évora, Escola Universitária Vasco da Gama (2012-2015) - PRODER, 221,430 €. 

EC CORDIS, Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), FP7-REGPOT-2010-1, Project nº REFRESH-FP7-264103. Unlocking the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research potential for reinforced ERA integration and regional development. PI: Prof. Mariusz Piskula, Polish Academy of Science, Olsztyn, Poland. PI in Portugal: Graça Ferreira-Dias.

PTDC/SAU-OSM/102468/2008 - Angiogenesis in atherosclerotic lesions: function and potential therapeutic application of the Dll4-Notch signalling pathway PI: Ana Tavares (FMV – ULisboa), FCT Funfing 199,551 €, (2009-2013).

PTDC/CVT/115703/2009 - Characterization of the role of a novel anti-angiogenic biopharmaceutical, Dll4-Fc, in the control of tumour growth in transgenic animal models PI: António Duarte  (FMV – ULisboa), FCT Funfing 159,540 €, (2010-2014). 

PTDC/CVT/098607/2008 - Prion gene complex: insights on ram fertility. PI: Rosa Lino Neto Pereira (INIAV, I.P.), Partners: INIAV, I.P.; CIISA/FMV-ULisboa (2010/2013). FCT - 157, 838€.

PTDC/CVT/101586/2008 - MUC1 mucin transcriptional regulation by the maternal hormones progesterone and oestrogen and by the embryo in bovine endometrium cells - a crucial process on implantation. PI: Patrícia Mesquita (INIAV, I.P.), Partners: INIAV, I.P.; IPATIMUP (2010/2013). FCT Funfing 158.961,00€

PTDC/CVT/105022/2008 - The Notch-Delta signalling pathway in the reproductive function of the mouse and cow . PI: Luís Lopes da Costa (FMV – ULisboa), Partners: CIISA/FMV-ULisboa. FCT - 199.500,00€

PTDC/CVT/68090/2006 - Effects of lupin supplementation during pre-mating period on the reproductive physiology and performance of Merino Branco ewes. PI: Sandra Gonçalves (INIAV, I.P.), Partners: INIAV, I.P.; CIISA/FMV-ULisboa (2007-2011). FCT - 141588€

PTDC/CVT/71084/2006 - Investigation of Notch signalling function in physiological and tumour angiogenesis. PI: António Duarte (FMV – ULisboa)(2006-2010).

PTDC/CVT/65690/2006 - Relationships embryo-uterus-ovary determining embryonic and foetal survival in cattle. PI: Luís Lopes da Costa (FMV – ULisboa), Partners: CIISA/FMV-ULisboa. FCT - 159.800,00€

PTDC/CVT/66587/2006 - Contribution for the study of the physiopathology of the pyometra/endometrial hyperplasia complex in the bitch. PI: Luisa Mateus (FMV-Ulisboa); Partners: CIISA/FMV-ULisboa; UTAD (2008-2012). FCT funding - 159.364,00€

POCI/CVT/57148/2004 - Doppel gene polymorphisms characterization according to scrapie susceptibility genotypes in Portuguese sheep breeds and their impact on male fertility.  PI: Rosa Lino Neto Pereira (INIAV, I.P.), Partners: INIAV, I.P.; CIISA/FMV-ULisboa (2005-2010). FCT - 55,784 €

EU-COST Action FA0702 - Maternal Interaction with Gametes and Embryos, 2010-2012. National Representative: Luís Lopes da Costa

Seventh Frame Work Programme. FP7-SME-2008-2, Project Flock-Reprod. Hormone free non seasonal or seasonal goat reproduction for a sustainable European goat-milk market. Research for SME Associations, 28/5/2009(2009-2013). PI: Marie Terese Pellicer Rubio. Partners: INIAV, ANCRAS, INRA, European Research Institutes, European Breeders Associations. Global Budget-1.664.547,00 €; INIAV Budget -742.772,00 €.