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Quality of Animal Products

Ongoing Projects

COST Action-FA1401/oc-2015-2-20148. IPEMA - Innovative approaches in pork production with entire males. (J.A.M. Prates - Management Committee Member). Partners: University of Bonn (DE), University of Hokenheim (DE), Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (BE), KU Leuven (BE), Agricultural Institute (BG), University of Guelph (CA), Agroscope (CH), University of Life Sciences of Prague (CZ), Danish Meat Research Institute (DK), University of Copenhagen (DK), Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (SP), University of Lleida (SP), IFIP Institut du Porc (FR), INRA (FR), University of the West of England (UK), JSR Genetics (UK), University of Bristol (UK), University of Sassari (IT), Norwegian Institute of Food (NO), University of Life Sciences in Poznań (PO), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SW).(2016-2018).

P2020/08/SI/3399/2015 - Valorização das microalgas para a produção de suínos e melhoria da qualidade da sua carne com base numa nova geração de enzimas comerciais. PI: Carlos Fontes (FMV/ULisboa). Partners: Nzytech, INIAV, IPMA and FMV-ULisboa. (2016-2019). ANI, 839.652 €. (ficha do projeto em anexo)

PTDC/CVT/5931/2014 - Developing novel feed enzymes for improving the nutritional value of microalgae for monogastrics. PI: José A.M. Prates (FMV/ULisboa). Partners: INIAV, IPMA and FMV-ULisboa. (2016-2019). FCT, 198.902 €.

AGL2011-25807 (Spanish Government Funding) - Metabolic fate and health properties of structured triacylglycerols rich in n-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic (EPA, 20:5n-3) and docosahexaenoic (DHA, 22:6n-3). PI: José L.G. Guerrero (Univ. AlmeriaSpain) Partners: Univ. Almeria (Spain), IPMA–Portugal, FMV-Ulisboa. (2012-2014). SGF, 66.000 €.

COST-STSM-FA1002-17034 (Farm Animal Proteomics) - Proteomic changes underlying the improved fat partitioning in commercial pigs.  Partners: CIISA-FMV-ULisboa and Univ. York (UK). PI: J.A.M Prates (FMV.ULisboa). (2014).

COST Action-FA1401/oc-2013-2-16276. PiGutNet - European network on the factors affecting the gastro-intestinal microbial balance and the impact on the health status of pigs. (J.A.M. Prates - Management Committee Member). Partners: Univ. Bologna (IT); Univ. Copenhagen (DK); Univ. Automona Barcelona (SP), Univ. Bristol (UK); Univ. Thessaloniki (GR); Univ. College Dublin (IR); Gembloux Agro-Biotech (B); Univ. Helsinki (FI); INRA (F); Wageningen Univ. (NL). (2014-2018).


Finished Projects

PTDC/CVT/111744/2009 - Changes in muscle gene expression as response to selection for high growth and to growth path. PI: Paulo Costa (CIISA), Partners: CIISA/FMV/ULisboa; INIAV. (2011-2013), FCT, 61.900 €.

QREN/2009/5282 - Desenvolvimento de novos kits para monitorização/diagnóstico de produtos e processos bioquímicos. PI: Carlos Fontes (Nzytech), Partners:  Nzytech – Genes and Enzymes, Lda; CIISA/FMV-ULisboa. (2009-2012). FCT, 120.000 €.

CAPES 2009 - PROBIO-CÓBIA - Desenvolvimento sustentável do cultivo de bijupirá (Rachycentron canadum): implementação de um plano de imunização, uso de probióticos e dietas vegetais. PI: Julieta R. Engrácia (UNESP – Univ. Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho, Brasil), Partners: UNESP, Univ. Fed. Rural Pernambuco; CIIMAR). (2010-2014). FCT, 353.816 €.

PTDC/CVT/103934/2008 - Nutritional strategies to increase bioactive fatty acids proportion in lambs eatable fat. PI: José Santos Silva (INIAV, CIISA). Partners: INIAV and FMV-ULisboa. (2011 – 2014). FCT, 97.380 €.

PTDC/CVT/99210/2008 - Improving fat partioning and nutritional quality in pigs: developing feeding strategies and providing insights into genetic and metabolic mechanisms. PI: José A.M. Prates (FMV/ULisboa), Partners:  CIISA/FMV/ULisboa; INIAV). (2010-2013).FCT, 188.916 €.

PTDC/BIA-PRO/103980/2008 - Structure and function of novel glycoside hydrolases and carbohydrate-binding modules of Clostridium thermocellum cellulosome. PI: Shabir H. Najmudin (CIISA), Partners: CIISA/FMV/ULisboa; REQUIMTE/FCT-Univ Nova Lisboa, (2010-2011). FCT, 199.592 €.

PTDC/QUI-BIQ/100359/2008 - The cellulosome assembly: structure, function and specificity of new cellulases and supramolecular complexes. PI: Ana L.M. Carvalho (FCT-Univ Nova Lisboa), Partners:  REQUIMTE/FCT-Univ Nova Lisboa; CIISA/FMV/ULisboa. (2010-2011). FCT, 199.952 €.

PTDC/CVT/98607/2008 - Prion gene complex: insights on ram fertility. PI: Rosa M.N. Pereira (INIAV), Partners: INIAV;  CIISA/FMV/ULisboa. (2010-2013). FCT, 157.838 €.

PTDC/CVT/66114/2006 - An integrated study of lipid composition and its genetic regulation in bovine meats with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). PI: José A.M. Prates (FMV-ULisboa). Partners: CIISA/FMV/ULisboa; INIAV. (2007 – 2011). FCT, 174.785 €.

PTDC/CVT/65707/2006 - Effects of selection for high growth rate and path for growth on tenderness of longissimus dorsi and biceps femoris muscles from Alentejano young bulls. PI: Jorge Simões (INIAV), Partners: INIAV; CIISA/FMV/ULisboa; INETI; ACBRA. (2007 – 2010). FCT, 95.620 €.

PTDC/SAU-OSM/70560/2006 - Rationale and options in dietary use of canned sardines in olive oil and tomato (omega-3, lycopene and oleic acid) related to inflammatory and aterotrombogenic biomarkers in obesity and metabolic syndrome related cardiovascular disease. PI: Pedro O. Rodrigues, Partners: FCM-Univ Nova Lisboa; CIISA/FMV/ULisboa; IPIMAR. (2007 – 2010). FCT,  179.738 €.

PTDC/CVT/69329/2006 - Rational utilization of cellulases and hemicellulases for improving meat quality and the nutritive value of cereal-based diets for poultry. PI: Carlos Fontes (FMV-ULisboa).  Partners: CIISA/FMV/ULisboa; INIAV; ISA-ULisboa, (2007 – 2010). FMV, 138.085 €.

PTDC/BIA-PRO/69732/2006- Structure and function of novel carbohydrate-binding modules and cohesin-dockerin protein complexes from Clostridium thermocellum. PI: Carlos Fontes (FMV-ULisboa), Partners: CIISA/FMV/ULisboa; FCT-Univ. Nova Lisboa. (2009-2011). FCT, 121.000 €.

PTDC/QUI/68286/2006 - A combined approach of X-ray crystallography, NMR and computational chemistry for the study of the molecular interactions that define the ligand specificity in cellulosomal carbohydrate-binding modules. PI: Ana L. M. Carvalho (FCT-Univ. Nova Lisboa), Partners: FCT-Univ. Nova Lisboa; CIISA/FMV/ULisboa; ICETA-UP. (2008-2010). FCT, 85.600 €.

POCI/BIA-PRO/59118/2004 - Molecular determinants of ligand specificity in carbohydrate-binding modules and cohesin-dockerin complexes. PI: Carlos Fontes (FMV-ULisboa), Partners: CIISA/FMV-ULisboa; FCT-Univ. Nova Lisboa (2005 – 2009). FCT, 53.920 €.

POCI/CVT/61202/2004 - Effects of the type of lipid supplement and of feed additives (polyphenols and clay) on fatty acid composition of lambs fat. PI: José Santos-Silva (INIAV), Partners: INIAV; CIISA/FMV/ULisboa. (2005 – 2009). FCT, 60.500 €.