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Lab Overview


The clinical research lab aggregates several research units that work under the umbrella of the Teaching Hospital of FMV-ULisboa or in close relation with it. Although scientific research is not the main objective of the Teaching Hospital, its professionals aim to provide the highest standard of veterinary medical care, generating a pool of clinical cases on which research studies on multiple scientific areas can be carried out. The Clinical Research Lab, congregate these research efforts and is presently organized in 4 units:

Clinical Ophthalmology Unit: The main expertise of this team are the clinical experience in medical surgical ophthalmology, in electrorretinography, in ophthalmic surgery – extraocular , adnexa and intraocular surgery and in experimental ophthalmic microsurgery, namely episcleral vein coagulation for glaucoma induction in rats. The research interests include the control of ocular circulation, neuroprotection in glaucoma, allergic conjunctivitis, ocular electrophysiology, ocular manifestations of systemic diseases, cataract surgery and challenging clinical cases.

Allergy and Immunology Unit: This unit began in 2011 and focus on elucidating and treating canine allergic diseases. Studies begin on canine atopic dermatitis and conjunctivitis concentrating on the most prevalence aeroallergens for our geographic area, and research has been expanded to new diagnostic tests and treatments approaches for these common diseases.

Farm animal clinical research Unit: Research of this unit has been focusing on diseases in ruminants – respiratory disease, lameness, mastitis and metabolic diseases - in close cooperation with commercial farms that present us with their main problems and concerns. We also look for financing from pharmaceuticals companies for test efficacy of their medicines.

Pharmacology and Toxicology Unit: Research of this unit have been focuses on clinical pharmacokinetics and new drugs investigation in ocular diseases, on new therapeutic approaches namely immunotherapy and phytotherapy applied to dermatology, alergology, diabetes and pain control. Other research interest is the intoxications diagnosis and in residues detection and quantification in animal food for human consumption.


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