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Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology

Research Projects


    PTDC/QUI-QUI/112537/2009 "A carbohydrate microarray platform for discovery of ligands in polysaccharides recognised by microbial carbohydrate-binding modules". Funding FCT: € 166,000.00 Period: 2011 - 2014. (PI: Maria Angelina Palma)

    WallTrac WP2 "The Plant Cell Wall Training Consortium". Funding: European Commision (FP7) by Marie Curie Initial Training Network (INT). Period: 2011 - 2015.

    IF/01621/2013/CP1183/CT0002- A novel approach to study the molecular mechanisms underlying the biodegradation of plant biomass. Project under the FCT   Investigator Programme – Starting grants Funding FCT: € 50,000.00 Period: 2014 - 2018. (PI: Virgínia M Rico Pires).

    PTDC/BIA/MIC-5947-2014 " Molecular determinants of bacterial cellulosome diverity in different ecological niches". Funding FCT: € 198,120.00 Period: 2014 - 2018. (PI: Carlos M.G. de Andrade Fontes).

    PTDC/BBB-BEP/0869/2014 “B.EST.CBM: An integrative structural biology approach to characterise the protein-carbohydrate microbial recognition" . Funding FCT: € 141,960.00 Period: 2014 - 2018. (PI: Ana Luísa M. Carvalho).