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  • AWARD for the BEST PRESENTATION at the International Meeting of the European Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology that took place in Dublin, Ireland, between 3 and 6 of October 2019, under the theme: «Ocular brachycephalic syndrome – a multicentric survey from the University of Leipzig and Lisbon», by Joana Costa, Andrea Steinmetz and Esmeralda Delgado.
  • An article published in Science (Science 365, 464; by Baez-Ortega and colleagues, including Conceição Peleteiro of FMV/CIISA Pathology Lab, traced the evolution of a transmissible cancer over several thousand years. A combination of highly elaborated molecular and bioinformatics techniques using samples collected worldwide suggest that neutral genetic drift is the dominant evolutionary force operating on cancer over the long term. This research was also highlighted in the national press…
  • R&D Unit Evaluation results 2017/2018 have been published by FCT. CIISA was rated Excellent. Please consult here the Evaluation Results and the CIISA Evaluation Panel report can be seen on page 23 of Panel Report. Congratulations to all CIISA members!
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