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  • Professor Nuno Ferrand de Almeida, researcher from CIBIO, Porto University presented a brilliant talk about evolutionary biology, particularly in genetic diversity patterns of natural populations, conservation, domestication and speciation. He has developed several research projects in these areas using the rabbit as main model species. We would like to thank the speaker for this very interesting seminar.
  • The first CIISA Plenary Seminar took place last october 30th, 2019. Doutor Marcos Mariz, researcher from Coimbra University and INEYE PHARMA CEO and Co-founder presented a 30 minutes talk about its newly developed ocular insert that allows sustained drug delivery to the eye without the need of topical intensive medications. The steps that mediated between the idea, the start-up creation, patent obtention and proof-of-concept were adressed in an interactive presentation…
  • On the last 4th of october, there was an event at FMV to comemorate the opening of the academic year of 2019-2020. CIISA marqued its presence with a state of the art lecture by the prestigious Prof. Doutor Queiroz e Melo, well known surgeon responsible for the first heart transplant in Portugal. CIISA´s coordinator, Prof. Doutor Carlos Fontes, said a few words about the future of the research centre, whishing…
  • AWARD for the BEST PRESENTATION at the International Meeting of the European Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology that took place in Dublin, Ireland, between 3 and 6 of October 2019, under the theme: «Ocular brachycephalic syndrome – a multicentric survey from the University of Leipzig and Lisbon», by Joana Costa, Andrea Steinmetz and Esmeralda Delgado.
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