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The opening of the academic year of 2019-2020


On the last 4th of october, there was an event at FMV to comemorate the opening of the academic year of 2019-2020.

CIISA marqued its presence with a state of the art lecture by the prestigious Prof. Doutor Queiroz e Melo, well known surgeon responsible for the first heart transplant in Portugal.

CIISA´s coordinator, Prof. Doutor Carlos Fontes, said a few words about the future of the research centre, whishing the best for all team members and adressing some words of encouragement to the recent graduates, inviting them to become investigators.

In the end of the ceremony CIISA delivered three different Awards for the first time in its history.


1- Best Young investigator - Susana Paula Alves

2- Best article published by a MsC Student - David Otero with the article "Environmental contamination with Toxocara spp. eggs in public park sand playground sandpits of Greater Lisbon, Portugal"

3- Best article published by a PhD- Vânia Cardoso with the article "Xylo-oligosaccharides display a prebiotic activity when used to supplement wheat or corn-based diets for broilers " and Ferdinando Freitas with " African swine fever vírus   encodes for an E2-ubiquitin conjugating enzyme that is mono- and di-ubiquitinated and required for viral replication cycle“