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CIISA aims to enhance scientific innovation at the interface between disciplines and create a stimulating and attractive scientific environment. Our research is structured in two research groups:


Animal Health and Veterinary Medicine - focused on the prevention, diagnosis and therapeutics of diseases of different animals species (domestic, wild, laboratory, etc.), including zoonosis and involving aspects of comparative medicine.

Animal Science and Food Safety - concerning mainly animal production, animal protection and welfare as well as the quality and safety of their products to the consumers.


These two groups will be conducting four major interdisciplinary thematic lines for the next 5 year period, as follows:

a) Disease Surveillance, Prevention and Control Towards a Sustainable Animal Health - aiming to advance veterinary sciences and related public health through discovery of the biological principles of animal health, animal disease and related biomedicine with the goal to develop novel prevention and intervention strategies (the 'One Health' concept).

b) Clinical Research Towards Novel Diagnosis and Therapeutic Strategies - aiming the integration of research activities across the broad field of research including infectious, parasitological and genetic diseases of animals and Man.

c) A sustainable Animal Production For The 21st Century - aiming to implement an integrated approach to study animal production systems and their profitability, obtained by a more efficient utilization of feed, genetic improvement, reproductive success and animal welfare. Environmental and quality issues are key elements to sustain the development of highly efficient and socially acceptable animal production systems.

d) Advanced food processing, quality and safety: new challenges - aiming to assess and manage emergent technologies allowing for a chemical and biological hazard control, eventually present in traditional processes. This line deals with: residues of drugs in food, antimicrobial resistance of bacteria found in food matrix; surviving and ecological behavior of micro-organisms in food processing; environmental contaminants of food chain and new generated compounds by physical and chemical treatments applied to new ingredients and new food.


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