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The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Animal Health (CIISA) strives to be a prominent and internationally valued research organization that conducts state-of-the-art research on health, disease, production and well-being of animals and related public health issues including food safety. The overall aim of CIISA is to unravel the biological principles of animal health and disease, to promote sustainable animal production and to prevent negative impacts of animals and their products on public health.

The complex problems presented by animal health, production, well-being and food safety today are ideally approached in a broad attitude, by investigators who address scientific problems in multiple species at the molecular level and apply that knowledge to whole animal physiology. A major objective of CIISA is to promote and maintain links with research groups with different expertise, able to jointly develop top-quality scientific research. This ambition requires multidisciplinary expertise over the entire spectrum from molecule to population. Strong relationships with public stakeholders contribute to translation and application of scientific progress in the community. 

CIISA is hosted by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine which comprises facilities inaugurated in 2001 for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, research and administration, animal housing and includes a Veterinary Hospital. The areas allocated to research include 15 well equipped laboratories, several preparatory units, a laboratory animal facility, and a range of multi-use laboratories that promotes the sharing of expensive laboratory instrumentation. All laboratories have international ongoing collaborations which further strengths CIISA research capacity and facilitate the successful implementation of multidisciplinary research programs.